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Fairytales 3

A dwarf named...?

When she finally woke up,Glieriel noticed that all the dwarfs were very scared.She didn't knew what was happening ,so she asked:
,,What's wrong?Why am I falling asleep every time I hear this song?Perhaps YOU can explain me!YOU are the one who took me out of my castle and who brought me into this place!I need to know what's happening!"Glieriel said,pointing to the red bearded dwarf
,,I think it's time for you to know the whole truth..."said the dwarf
He was very nervous and Glieriel saw that he had a low voice...She knew something was happening and she really wanted to know what was wrong.The dwarf went to the table and he sat on his gold chair which looked more like a throne.
,,I wish you will,someday, be able to forgive me for hiding this secret,my child.Firstly,I'll introduce myself:I am not a tailor.I know that this is how introduced myself but it was just a lie to get you out of the castle.When we bet that you can't spell a word,I already knew you'll loose and you'll have to do what I want because it was a bet and I already knew you are very trustworthy.It was an elvish riddle so it was impossible for you to spell it. My name is Ylondril,the ruler of the Hollow.All I'm going to say ,for now,is that from now on,you'll live with us here in the Hollow.You will learn to accept this fact because you don't have any other place to go to.Your home,The Thastolia Palace where you used to live is now destroyed.Your father Herion died on the battlefield in the Paer Valley,while he was leading his army to fight against the Men of Syhr.Your brother Arandorion has been captured by them and now he is King Lairion 's slave.I'm so sorry...Also,the Thastolia Palace is now ruled by king Lairion's son,Nethraunien.I took you away from the palace because the Men of Syhr wanted to force you to marry Nethraunien.I knew you'd prefer freedom,that's why I brought you here in my little kingdom.I know I can't offer you what you need because I can't replace your family my dear child.I'm an annoying old dwarf,I can't offer you anything as regarding material needs.But I'll offer you something more valuable :Your freedom.I promised to myself that I will not permit to anybody to force you to do something you don't want.My dear child,I wish I could change everything but I'm afraid I can't. "
The princess remained silent.She was too shocked to say anything.She couldn't react,she didn't knew how to react.Those news made her feel alone,so alone that she couldn't stand all this facts anymore.She wanted to cry,she wanted to run away,she wanted to see it with her own eyes.She wanted to escape,to g straight to the Men of Syhr and to ask them to return to their foggy valley and to leave her family alone.For the first time in her life she felt alone and vulnerable.The pain she felt in her heart was killing her slowly.Nothing could ever replace her family.
Although her mother had passed away when Glieriel was only 3 years old,the princess never missed her.Her older brother and her father,the great king of Thastolia had always loved her and had always taken care after her.The pain was indeed more than she could stand.
She cried.All dwarfs were very sad and they felt sorry for her tragedy.The red bearded dwarf knew that it was time to go on with the story some other time.He took her out of the Dining Room and he gave her a nice and cozy room with a bed exactly made for her.Then,he left and he let her alone to think at ,,What about now?" ,,What am I going to do?"
Glieriel cried for days and the dwarfs were all very sad because they wanted to do something,they were capable to do anything just to see her smiling.They loved her a lot because she was so beautiful and innocent.
After a while she accepted the truth.One night ,she went in the Dining Room where the red bearded dwarf was smoking pipe.She wanted to know all the truth about what was happening out there.
,,I need the whole truth Ylondril.But first I want to thank you for saving me.I own you everything for being so kind and rescuing me,although I must admit that it would had been much better if you had told me first"
,,I'm afraid I have to contradict you my fair lady.Let's be honest:you would had never left the castle.You're a fighter like your father.You remind me so much of him.He was a great man,the bravest king I had ever seen in my whole life.You were capable to stay there and fight alone with a whole army and I'm afraid I would had lost you too my child."
,,I need to go back to Thastolia one day and you know I will!You can't stop me"
,,You will my fair lady,you will.Let's wait for the perfect time to do this.I'll be right next to you to support you.Tomorrow I'll tell you my plan.Now it's very late and you have to rest after all you've been through.Good night my beautiful princess!"
,,Good night Ylondril,ruler of the Hollow!"

marți, 20 aprilie 2010

Fairytales 2

Chapter 2
The magic Hollow

The dwarf took Glieriel back into the hollow.This time,he held her hand because he couldn't afford it to loose her again.The annoying man was holding a mushroom which had a small candle on it,and so she could finally see what was inside this hollow.
Despite she firstly thought it was ,,a rat hole"she realized that this hollow was actually luxurious.The princess was impressed by the fact that in every corner she was looking there was a small kettle full of gold and jewels.It was above her bend to understand what was all this gold doing down there in an oak tree hollow.
While she couldn't had taken her eyes off the kettles,the dwarf stopped all of a sudden.They were now in front of a huge stoned door which was locked.
,,What now??What's behind this door?Are we there yet??" Glieriel asked
,,Oh ...Well....It's a...Oh,keep your mouth shut,you curious child!You'll see it with your own eyes.Come on,help me with this key"
In the other stripped pocket the dwarf had a small silver key with some strange inscriptions. He took the key out of his pocket and he opened the stoned door.What was behind that door was beyond her own imagination...
There were hundreds of dwarfs gathered on a huge dining table and they were all very nervous.They were talking all at the same time and they were probably disputing an important problem.When they saw the red bearded dwarf and Glieriel,they all stopped the discussions.
,,Raise ,you fools!said the red bearded dwarf to the dwarfs who were sitting very comfortable in their little wooden chairs.
,,I said RAISE YOU FOOLS!!!"he screamed
The other dwarfs listened to him instantly.They all raised and Glieriel noticed that they were very scared.The red bearded dwarf went straight to the table and he sat on a gold chair which he took it from under the table.
,,Come along,my fair lady.Allow me to explain everything"
The princess was very surprised to see that the dwarf didn't had that annoying voice anymore.
,,What's happening with your voice?" she asked
The dwarf seemed to be in a bad mood.He took her hand and he gently caressed it and then he kissed it.Glieriel was more and more surprised to see how well he was treating her.The red bearded dwarf took her in front of a huge mirror with a silver frame.She looked into the mirror and she saw herself kissing a man who was wearing a long cape and who was having his face covered with a black hood.
,,What's happening?What is this kind of magic?"said Glieriel frightened
,,This is your destiny,my lady...Now listen to the Words Unspoken..."said the red bearded dwarf
Glieriel looked again into the mirror....this time,she saw herself in the Alanthiel Forest.Suddenly,she heard again that song and she felt again weak and tired...
,,You hear the song too,don't you?"she asked
,,What song my fair lady?there's no song in this room..."the red bearded dwarf said frightened
,,It's happening again!Close the mirror!another dwarf said
Glieriel fell asleep again...


An impressive song.

The young woman jumped off her horse,she went straight ahead in the forest.She has a name which flows off the tongue like wind in the trees:Glieriel
Her long fair hair and her olive-green eyes made her look like a wooden elf.She is tall and slim and she is wearing a long white silk dress.Her cheeks are red as she was blushing the whole time and are making a great contrast with her shiny white skin.

But an annoying creature ,like some kind of a dwarf with a noisy voice was guiding her steps.This little man was having a long red beard and he was wearing awful clothes: a black pair of trousers which were too long for his short legs,a white shirt which was too short and which wasn't covering his whole round belly.His hairy arms were very short and his hands were covered with a pair of short gray gloves.This weird dwarf was also having a red waistcoat with big stripped blue pockets and inside one of his pockets there was a small bouquet which was containing blue and white forest flowers.
Glieriel wasn't so happy about the dwarf...She tried to turn back but his awful voice suddenly vanished her thoughts:
,,Don't forget my lady!You have to keep your word!You promised me ,don't change your mind...We're almost there."
The woman looked worn to a frazzle and she wanted to stop to rest a little bit.The ugly dwarf was dry as dust,which means that Glieriel wasn't having the time of her life spending her time with this annoying little man.
,,Are we there already?What's this place you're taking me to?"
,,No my fair lady...But we'll be there soon!" the dwarf said
So,they kept going and suddenly,Glieriel saw a huge oak tree with a small hollow.
,,Let's go inside,my lady"said the dwarf with a smile on his face
,,Are you mad??I'm too tall for this hollow.I'll never be able to get inside it.And besides ,there is specially made for dwarfs ,not for human beings.Don't you dare to forget I'm a princess and I live in a huge luxurious castle.Why should I humiliate myself and go inside this rat hole??"said Glieriel
The dwarf went in front of the oak tree and he whispered some words in an unknown language which sounded like a secret code.The hollow magically enlarged and so the beautiful tall princess could enter it.
,,Follow me,my lady" said the dwarf vanishing in the hollow...
Glieriel went after the dwarf
,,Wait for me,don't go any further or I'll get lost! "
Inside the hollow ,the darkness embraced the princess..She tried to follow the dwarf but the annoying man went way too far and she couldn't follow him
,,Where are you??Can you hear me??Please come back ,take me out of here!"
But the dwarf was too far and he couldn't hear her.Glieriel wanted to get out of the hollow but she couldn't figure it out which way to go and so she went on..Suddenly,she reached a light and she went straight to it.
The beautiful princess finally got out of the dark hollow and she discovered a whole new world in front of her:she arrived into a marvelous forest where the trees didn't look the same anymore,they were so tall so that the princess could only see their stock.Also the flowers looked quite different,they were bigger than normally and they were spreading a smoke out of their leafs which looked like some sort of mysterious fog.
Gleriel looked around and there she saw a wooden bridge which was loosing deeper into the forest.She was so fascinated of this new world,so she went straight to the bridge.
,,I wonder where does this bridge takes me..."thought Gleriel
Then,she looked down and she saw an extremely beautiful river,which was so clear that she could have seen the fishes swimming under the water.
The princess went on when she heard a song.All of a sudden she felt weak...She stopped and she tried to understand what was happening.The song was so beautiful ...she wanted to hear it but it made her feel so slacked and tired,that she fell asleep instantly.
,,Wake up,my lady!Wake up,wake up!"
Gleriel opened her eyes...She recognized the noisy voice which belonged to the ugly dwarf.
,,Where am I?"she asked him
,,You got lost in the Alanthiel Forest" said the dwarf with a low voice
,,That forest looked magical.But how did you find me?"
,,That forest is really magical.Let's go,we have to turn back to the hollow."
,,Wait...I've heard an extremely beautiful song...what was it?I wish I could hear it every time!"
,,You foolish child...You never say these words again!Keep your mouth shut and let's hurry.I don't feel comfortable in this strange forest.Come on,keep walking!"
Gleriel didn't noticed that the dwarf was very scared...She couldn't stop thinking at that song she heard in the Alanthiel forest...

The one

So I find a reason to smile with shine each single morning,now I can count on someone Friday nights to take me dancing and then to park on Sundays
We plan more dreams...and someday think of kids...or maybe just to save a little money
You're the one I need....even the way back home looks always long...when you're right next to me I'm holding on
You're the one I need...my real life has just begun cause there's nothing like your kisses and your touches.In a world full of strangers,you're the only one I know...
With you I've learned to cook and I've finally lost my kitchen phobia
Now I've got the perfect arms to cuddle in when there's a ghost or a muse which brings insomnia
We plan more thoughts
We listen more happy songs
We capture our movements in perfect photos and we keep them safely
It always takes a little help from someone to turn the lights off or to stop the alarm clock in the morning which rings way too noisy
How can I actually wake up when I feel so comfortable in your arms?
How can I actually open my eyes when I still dream you?
How is that the time flies when I'm with you?
07:00 a.m!!!!!!!!07:00 a.m!!!!!!
Stop that damn alarm hug me and whistle softly in my ear,turn over and don't you dare opening your eyes now
please 5 minutes more!!
I ,,prooooomiseeee I'll wake up...in 5 minutes"[Yeah RIGHT]
,,Is getting late"
,,OK OK!come here"
08:02 a.m....
God Damn it!!It's late!!
Me first in the bathroom
Don't you even think!God,I love being with you in the morning...:X

luni, 19 aprilie 2010

Don't cry

Now that I've heard all the bad news I feel sorry for it
There's no use in wasting your energy with thoughts like,,,,why is this happening?"
You know that everything has to end somewhere ,someplace,sometimes
You just have to think positive and to believe that whatever follows death,is someplace where there's no pain no suffering no fights and no guns
Your emotions betray you.Stand up for it ,accept what's going on and feel every movement she's still able to do.Now, lay your head and listen to her heartbeats
Kiss her forehead and she'll definitely feel safe
Don't forget to brush her fur!It will make her feel better!

Ship of Destiny

Dark clouds ....On the sea...a ship....
A storm...a thunder cut the heavy clouds in two different parts and it looked like two worlds were gathered in this place with the smell of death
'Please take me away from here!!'
The ship began to sink and the men who were trying to repair the destroyed mast were praying to get over this accident
'Please make it stop'
" Haul your wind and hold your water ,you cockeyed deck apes!Dying is a day worth livin' for!"
The Captain took the wheel and gathered the men who were praying
'Stop praying you useless pieces of meat and do something for your lives and for mine or you'll swim with the sharks you coward shrunken heads!!
'Please Lord,have mercy for us'
"The matter speaks for itself!Are you afraid to get wet,flying chickens??I hope you'll all remember me 'cause this is the beginning of your destiny!
"You're a cruel man ,Captain!It's the end of all hope and you still want to stop us praying to Lord to forgive our sins and not to send us in Hell for being thieves and pirates.
'Cruel is a matter of perspective.Abandon ship'
(Echoooo Echoo.....)

Wow,what a dream...
All in all makes sense for me only
How can I figure out the best path for me?
I hope I have that so-called touch of destiny...
Perhaps you already know what's best for you and your future
How is that I can't decide myself which way to start my career
I hope I'm not going to be sucked into a vortex...
Allow me to breath!Take my hand and fly me over this place
,It was just a bad dream my love....Allow me to make your bad thoughts go away.Your existence gives me hope'
How can I resist you?

reach for my hand and I'll give you my...heart

There's a story about all of us
There's a story we've all lived it...
It's a story about 2 people who share the same bed,the same cigarettes,the same kisses and the same skin perfume
You do remember the first time you've kissed that person,don't you?
You can actually feel their lips on yours when you remember how tasty that kiss was,how you felt butterflies in your stomach,how softly you've touched yourselves...
But still....
Nothing compares to the first night you spent it together
How you both fell asleep after a couple of drinks,how you stared at each other deeply in one another's eyes...You could have seen a whole new world which was born in front of you,a whole galaxy rolling with high speed ,throwing the planets out of it.You now feel you're part of that person,you feel its heart beatings as coming closer and closer to you and suddenly you don't feel them anymore...and you ask yourself why??but you already have the answer to this question!It's because you realize your hearts are beating in the same time and that you own your beloved one's heart and the beloved one owns your heart
You keep it safely!Never get it broken....because the pain you'll feel deep inside will burn you alive
Now shut up,my love and follow me in bed under a cozy blanket ,come back next to me to share the same pillow ...give me a long kiss goodnight and everything will be all right.
You're that kind of a person I'll never get enough of it.

duminică, 18 aprilie 2010


There was this little girl named' Eileen who was living with her grandparents because she had lost both her parents: her Mom died in an airplane crash and her Daddy suffered a severe heart attack when he heard about the tragic death of his wife...
Eileen was only 6 years old when the tragedy had happened...and since then she always wanted to dream her parents at least once...because she loved them so much
One night she had a dream in which she saw herself flying higher and higher to the sky,through the beautiful white clouds and higher and higher as she was going to leave the planet
She was so happy and in the same time a little bit scared but curious to find out where was she going
She looked back down but she couldn't see her grandparents' cottage anymore
She was cold because she was wearing only her pink pijama dress
Suddenly she arrived into a beautiful garden situated on a blue lagoon shore
Eileen looked back and front and she saw a beautiful creature...with big white wings lying on the sand...it looked injured and so Eileen encouraged herself and went straight to this beautiful creature
As she was getting closer and closer she realized that the creature was an extremely beautiful angel .Eileen touched the angel's shoulder and the angel began to shiver.The angel's head was covered by its long hair and through its hair Eileen saw sparkling crystals and tiny silver stars
The angel was naked and covered with its wings and Eileen was impressed by its shiny white skin but she took a closer look and then she saw that the angel was bleeding
The little girl was scared and tried to wake up the angel...she shook it but there was no movement and no reaction
Eileen cried because she was all alone in an unknown place with an injured angel...the place started to look more and more strange and it seemed like it was going to be a storm
the wind started to blow and to whistle harder and harder,the black clouds covered the sky...The little girl looked around to see any place to hide from the storm and there it was!she saw a cave close to the sea.She grab the angel and she discovered that the angel was lighter than she thought...in fact,she could have almost said that she didn't feel any weight.
As soon as she entered into the cave,outside it started to rain,Eileen went next to the angel and looked at its face
It looked like a young teenage with long black hair and full lips...Eileen grab her hand and talked to the angel.She kept saying to her to wake up because she was the one who was supposed to protect her and not reverse
It took a while but after Eileen's prayers ,the angel woke up
The little girl was shocked to see the angel's eyes...they were heavy black,but they were having a great contrast with the white face and the full red lips
The angel stood up and opened its white wings
Eileen said to the angel that she had never seen anything more beautiful than this
The angel was sad and it was crying...she dropped tears over her injures and they were healing instantly.Then ,it went outside and the storm stopped.The angel came back to the little girl and caressed her cheeks and kissed her forehead,grab her hand and went outside the cave.
,,I am your guardian angel and I've heard all your prays...You want to see your parents.I've cried when I've heard how you were begging God to bring back your parents.I wanted to do something but I fell down of a cloud while I was playing the harp because ,back on Earth your grandparents blame God for what had happened to your parents.I was injured and I couldn't get up and so I brought you here to help me ,innocent child.And you did it,you knew exactly what to do.You prayed and you didn't loose your faith"the angel said
Eileen understood every word
,,Now,as a retribution for your faith,I'm going to send you every night dreams with your parents and so you won't feel alone"
The little girl fell down in her knees....The angel took her back on Earth put her back into her little bed and kissed her forehead.
,,I will guard you all your life little girl"
The angel disappeared , Eileen fell asleep and dreamed her parents which were very happy in Heaven...

The way we fight,the times I've cried....

Slam!( the door closed)
How can somebody describe me like that...she's definitely not worth it
Sometimes I try to realize why does she gets angry so quickly
But I can't figure it out...
I just can't imagine why is she so cruel,so unforgiven...
But let's face it...sometimes I really deserve it
Only not this time...I've been trying to understand her problems and her feelings and especially her priorities but every time she acts like I don't even exist or even worse:like she doesn't want me to exist anymore
I'm sure she doesn't feel sorry at all for what she has done and said.
She never admits whenever she's wrong and that's what I can't forgive
She thinks that only because I'm younger and still in High-school I don't have my own principles and my pride...She treats me like I'm way beneath her
I want to hide my face under a hat and forget everything she ever said to me

joi, 18 februarie 2010

The time to come

"Every Day it's a gift
That's why we call it present"
People,from very ancient times have been concerned with divination.There was a fortune teller in almost every tribe,small or large who would tell stories about natural forces,about changes in the leadership of the tribe,about military conflicts with other tribes or populations,about droughts ,starvation,diseases which would lead the population to destruction or even extinction.He would eventually EVEN talk about the birth of a new leader who would lead them to victory,a supernatural hero having a spectacular phisycal force and supernatural mental powers of an astonishing character and briliant mind ready to fulfill all their hopes and aspirations.That kind of a leader was supposed to be born against all rational minds.
Then,at that time the concept of "time" didn't exist.Time was no more than a reflection of the changes of objects.
According to scientists in Antiquity and to Secret Societies,the cosmic minds must be understood as acting reverse starting from the highest most profound and most audacious principals towards the narrower,the most particular ones thus ,each level of understanding governing the ones previous to it.
Thus we take it as a proof our ancestors' way of thinking,people who lived their lives trying to discover the meaning of existence and ESPECIALLY trying to find out what the future was,who they were and what they were meant to be on Earth.That indeed was a difficult task to accomplish,wasn't it?
We may say about human beings that they are having the tendency to get to perfection,that they are passionate and willing to reach all kind of knowledge in any field and,that they have always searched for the right answer to the question "What is going to happen to us?"
Therefore,WE have been trying,WE have been searching among the tokens left by our ancestors,WE have decoded their messages and warnings concerning our future.
We have invented the Zodiac,stories about the stars ,the chiromancy,The Tarot cards and the reading of the future in a coup of coffee as well as the practicing of yoga and the spiritual education.
There were also some of us who had been able to foresee the future hundreds of years before it happened,there were premonitions which affected "the most precious minds" without their being able to give any scientific definition about them or to make predictions which may come true one day or have already come true.
And do you know what really upsets me?The fact that WE,ordinary people know absolutely nothing about what is going to come."The secret" is being kept by the powers of the world like a sacred thing.I mean here The Leaders of The Churches,those of the Armies and the most well-known scientists and researchers,as well as the Heads of the most powerful States on this planet.
But when this secret slips into the hands of an ordinary man who isn't used to understanding such things either paranormal or not,he spreads the secret by different approaches,more or less connected to the truth.
Unfortunately in most cases,such people who might have had the "Bad Luck" of reaching such information,are rapidly disregarded and rejected by society.
Have you never noticed for example people who claim having seen UFOs ,signs from above or even aliens in flash and blood having been rejected by their own fellow creatures and being considered mad?And have you never wondered why?It's because the authorities are taking measures against a World wide panic.
For those who have certain knowledge about the secret of the future should nevertheless Be listened to,should NOT be disregarded or thought mentally ill.They are but simple people ,incapable of proving that what they are saying conveys a truth,that what they have discovered IS necessary for everyone to know because in the long run WE,the people are witnesses of the past,the present and might be witnesses of the TIME TO COME too.
As far as science is concerned ,the great miracle of life IS and REMAINS the physical Universe,as concerns philosophy it IS and REMAINS the human consciousness
Scientist predict an apocalyptic ending of the human race,linking their theories to various scientific statements such as:a gigantic meteor is going to crush on the surface of the Earth or that of a lethal virus spreading around.
The so-called viewers who claim that they possess the power foreseeing the future of mankind make connections like a Third World War is imminent and would lead to an end of all times,or a powerful economic crisis will put an end to the equilibrium among the states of the world.
Others claim and strongly sustain that we are not alone in the Universe...and when a superior civilization to ours discovers us,we will be made "slaves" just like when in historical times the Europeans who had discovered America,had destroyed the Indian tribes and had taken their territories one by one showing no mercy.
All together,viewers and scientists have been fascinated even from the very ancient times and are still being fascinated by the diversity of facts that had made life on Earth possible.
Unfortunately life isn't endless.We are living our lives for very short periods of time,let's say for a few decades or so,which is too little time for us to be able to understand the changes that occur from a generation to another.
HOW,WHEN and WHY everything is going to an end no one can tell for sure.All we have are theories,scientific discoveries,scientific report,historical documents,isolated events,unanswered questions,unclarified mysteries and so on...
Truth is that each and everyone of us deeply wishes that this question be answered by itself and definitely be an optimistic answer.
But until then hopefully we will obviously fill up our lives with certain goals and meanings that all in all make sense for us only,calling them FUTURE.
...only because time floats but does not exist.